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The anamina® Mixing Bowl

Keep your kitchen perfectly clean with the anamina Mixing Bowl – the no-spill, splash-free solution for mixing anything without making a mess everywhere.

Enjoy no-stress mixing in your tidy kitchen!

Unleash your creativity, taking advantage of a highly-engineered, high-quality mixing bowl that will allow you to fully enjoy your passion for cooking and baking! Save time and effort with the anamina Mixing Bowl – the perfect solution for mixing anything without splashing, spilling or splattering.

The anamina Mixing Bowl is a fantastic combination of useful features and sensible design that will take your cooking experience to the next level.

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No more spills! No more mess!

We’d like to introduce the coolest mixing bowl ever: The anamina Mixing Bowl – the mess-free solution for you to enjoy making your cake, not just eating it.

Mixing any ingredients becomes an easy, splash-free experience!

We help people save precious time and effort.
Did you know you can spend 450 hours in a lifetime just cleaning your kitchen? Why not use that time to do what really brings you joy?

Its special glazed finish makes the anamina Mixing Bowl very easy to clean. Traces of food come away almost on their own, eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-rinsing. The used bowl can then be placed directly in the dishwasher, saving you time, water and energy.



Subscribe to find out how you can pre-order
the amazing anamina Mixing Bowl!

We’re launching on Indiegogo this July. Subscribe to be kept up to date.

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The Story

The idea was born out of the practical need to keep the kitchen clean and tidy with minimal effort, while the bowl itself was crafted with the personal aim of creating something truly beautiful.

A mom’s love for her kids, her constant desire to surround them with joy, harmony and care, to cherish them, inspired every detail of the product.

From the first product sketches to the now charming and clever product we are bringing to the market, the anamina Mixing Bowl’s journey was always led by passion, fun and our strong belief that we’re making something great.



Best Materials in the Industry

Eastman Tritan™ is a top-quality material, tough and impact-resistant, though much lighter than glass. Safety is a key ingredient in Tritan™ – as the results of intensive testing repeatedly demonstrated. Eastman Tritan is free of bisphenol A (BPA) and bisphenol S (BPS), free of estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA); it has been reviewed independently and approved for use as a safe plastic in food contact applications by numerous regulatory agencies around the world.

Precise Fabrication

Four complex molds are needed in order to fabricate the anamina Mixing Bowl to the highest quality standards, as well as to obtain the high polish gloss finishing. The tooling project is ready as well, a contract with a top-level tooling production supplier has already been concluded and everything is set for mass production.

Durable and Safe

With an average thickness of 1/5 inch and a total weight of 2.8 pounds, the bowl is solid and robust. Thanks to the material it’s made of – the highly qualitative Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester – the bowl is exceptionally durable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. Due to the highly-polished gloss finish, the anamina Mixing Bowl will never pick up odors, fat or other residues that won’t come off (as other plastic bowls tend to do over-time, due to their porous surface).

Patented value

Our project has earned a Design Patent and a Utility Model Patent, which prove its unique, innovative value. The bowl’s ingenious design has been awarded with these two patents that we’re very proud of. We strove to make the best out of them by using awesome solutions in both materials and fabrication.


The anamina Mixing Bowl is the result of an idea, transformed through work by a handful of dedicated people. Click the button below to see the amount of talent that’s gone into our beautiful product.

Message from the founder

“Bringing to life a dear product idea I had in mind since long ago, was a beautiful but complex adventure which challenged my determination and also offered me the wonderful chance to learn a lot, to invest enthusiasm and passion alongside my entire professional and life experience, in a 24/7 work effort.

I’d love this product to enchant you and to bring you joy and good spirits beyond its utility benefits. Thank you so much for supporting us!”

Carmen David, Anamina Core S.R.L.



We chose to supply the raw material (Tritan™), not only for the material’s fantastic qualities, but also for Eastman’s commitment to sustainable business.

In 2019, Eastman was named One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere for the sixth time and Tritan™ is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

In addition, Eastman is a Responsible Care® company.


We aim to bring our own modest contribution to creating a better place to live for our children.

The packaging of our product is entirely bio-degradable. Please don’t forget to recycle!


We're going live on Indiegogo this July. Subscribe to find out how you can pre-order the amazing anamina Mixing Bowl!

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We’re going live on Indiegogo this July. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out first how you can back the amazing anamina Mixing Bowl.