It all began with a splendid, creamy chocolate cake, and two impatient kids running around, eager to dig in. But the kitchen was buried in spills and splatters… [read more]


After researching her idea, our founder started visiting trade shows and exhibitions that dealt with raw materials and plastic injection equipment. It was there where she came across our bright material and it was love at first sight… [read more]


The project started from a simple hand drawing. By consulting architects, engineers and plastic-mold specialists, and by listening to tons of advice and opinions, a simple idea turned into an industrial-scale project. Scroll down for more.


The product is made out of three separate components that come together to form the final assembly. Each of these three main-parts requires a dedicated, high-quality and high-precision injection mold…[read more]

The anamina® Mixing Bowl

Anybody can cook wonderful things by following recipes, but very few people have the skills and experience to do it without creating a mess in the kitchen. Making creams, sauces, batter or dough means splashing, spilling and splattering all over the kitchen counter, furniture, floor and… the cook himself! Then the kitchen needs to be cleaned, washed and wiped, again and again.

We’re putting an end to this chore.

Introducing… The anamina Mixing Bowl!

We’ve created a smart and easy-to-use no-spill mixing bowl that ends your cooking nightmares and helps you cook like a pro!

  • Designed to keep the ingredients inside, our bowl is perfect for blending, mixing or churning without making a mess.

Whether you’re using it for whipping egg whites, preparing delicious homemade mayonnaise or crafting your secret pizza sauce, the bowl’s unique shape is perfect for blending, kneading or mixing, and accommodates up to 4 quarts of liquid content.

  • The anamina Mixing Bowl is also great for storing fruits, salads or vegetables and fits perfectly on the fridge shelf.
  • The anamina Mixing Bowl can be assembled in one simple motion and taken apart just as easily. The special nesting shape is a great advantage for saving storage space.
  • The main bowl can also be used like any normal bowl.
  • Cleaning it is a piece of cake: a quick hand rinse or the shortest dishwasher cycle work just as well.

Patented value

The anamina Mixing Bowl has earned a Design Patent and a Utility Model Patent, which prove its unique, innovative value.

The brightness of the high-quality material, the spherical shape and joyful color, create a sense of relaxation that takes people back to the very heart of cooking. A sentiment that will be embraced by the entire family and dinner guests when the food you create with the anamina Mixing Bowl reunites them around the dinner table.

Our lovely product attracts and inspires people to spend great moments around the table.

Whether hosting a large gathering or cooking for the family, the anamina Mixing Bowl is a reliable solution for preparing, serving and storing all kinds of meals.

You can use the anamina Mixing Bowl for all kinds of jobs, from making cake batter or whipping egg whites or cream, to crafting any sauce. A wide range of vertical utensils can be used inside the bowl, but a vertical mixer and its accessories should cover most of your mixing needs.
You can also use manual kitchen utensils – just make sure that no sharp cutting edges touch or scratch the bowl’s surface!

There is no need to transfer your creations from the anamina Mixing Bowl to a separate serving dish.

Its stylish design will suit any event, whether it’s a fancy gathering or a simple family dinner.

It will even steal the show and become the centerpiece of a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner!

Any festive table can be cheered up by using our beautiful bowl to serve a healthy salad that goes with any meal. Or after blending the smooth, rich gravy, the anamina Mixing Bowl may be used to serve the mashed potatoes.

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What we’re using crowdfunding for:

Tooling: 3 Molds

Tooling: three complex plastic injection Molds are needed to manufacture the anamina Mixing Bowl to the highest quality standards and to obtain the highly-polished gloss finish.

Raw Material

We simply love the material we chose and we can promise you will appreciate its awesome quality as well. Like all high-quality stuff, its purchase price reflects its superiority on the market. But we decided to go for it!

Fabrication & Logistics

To bring the anamina Mixing Bowl to you, we’re preparing for the complex manufacturing process, quality check, packing, storing, transportation, & delivery. Good things don’t come easy!


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